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Davis and Davis uses a very unique machine to create your custom rug. This machine is named CYP (computer yarn placement). Our custom rug collection is tufted using this method and has been for many years. The CYP machine company is owned housed and developed by Davis and Davis. It employs a unique method of digitally placing yarns one yarn to one pixel as it tufts through the primary backing. The CYP aesthetic is akin to handmade in that the surface tufts appear random, not machined. The delivery for these products is more aggressive than hand tufted and hand knotted. We offer two yarns (wool and Halo art silk) and five finishes in this method. Any design in the Davis design book can be made using the CYP tufting method.

Hand tufting is the process of filling out a design by using a small drill motor with a custom yarn attachment. Because the yarns are hand placed, hand tufting gives a more precise design with a crisper look. This method also gives a broad variety of techniques such as shading (from one color into another) and yarn combinations (many colors in the same needle). We offer three different yarns (wool, Halo art silk, and silk) and eight separate finishes with this method each as beautiful as the next.The resultant look can be very similar to hand knotting and the wait for the rug is less than half. Again, any Davis design can be made using this method.

Hand knotting is an extremely slow and precise method of rug making. Our artisans in Nepal are generational custodians of this wonderful ancient technique. Each individual tuft is hand guided to its final place within the design and each rug posesses a human touch. These rugs are crafted at the rate of 1 1/2” per day, and they are well worth the wait. We offer two yarns (Himalayan wool and silk) along with five finishes in this enduring method. As with the other two methods, any Davis design in the Davis and Davis book can be used here.