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To protect your investment in a Davis and Davis wool rug it is important to follow maintenance periodically to keep it performing at its best. Cleaning at regular intervals, rather than waiting on a spill actually extends it’s life. A well maintained wool product absorbs dirt, airborne dust, fumes and noise. It even makes the home interior more hygienic. Wool’s unique complex fiber structure releases soil up to 25% more readily than synthetic carpet. It’s scaly outer structure holds soil high on the pile right where a vacuum can lift it out easily.

Accidents happen. Quick removal of spots and spills is crucial. When the unexpected occurs:

Blot up liquids with white paper towels, scoop up solids with the end of a knife or spoon. Try not to let the spill go deeper into the carpet.

If possible place plastic under the area being treated to promote quicker drying. Treat the spot according to the cleaning chart.

Apply spot removal agent to clean towel, not to the spot. Use small quantities at a time. Always work inwards from the edge to prevent spreading. Do not rub. This may cause the spot to spread or distort the twist in the pile. Do not over wet.

Blot as dry as possible with a clean towel and repeat if necessary.

CLEANING METHODS (see table below)

We must point out that these are just suggestions, and we are unable to honor claims against any damage caused by these instructions.  For an overall deep-cleaning, our recommendation is having them professionally cleaned by a company familiar with working with wool.


1. Add cold water and blot

2. Detergent solution or Wool CleanDry Spot Remover #1

3. Methylated mineral spirits, turpentine, or WoolCleanDry Spot Remover #2

4. Chill with aerosol freezing agent or ice cubes in a plastic bag. Pick or scrape up gum.

5. Warm water

6. Clean nail polish remover (acetone)

7. Isopripyl alcohol

8. Rust Remover

9. Absorbent powder (e.g. salt, talc, or Absorb-It

10. Absorbent cleaner (Host, Capture, or Dri-Matic)

11. Seltzer water any water with gas- pour over and let sit overnight


Alcoholic beverages 1 2

Red wine 11

Bleach 1 2

Blood 1 2

Butter 3 2

Candle wax 4

Chewing gum 4 3

Chocolate 2 3

Coffee 1 2 3

Colas and soft drinks 1 2

Cooking oils 4 2

Cream 2 3

Egg 2

Floor wax 3 2

Fruit juice 1 2

Furniture Polish 3 2

Gravy and sauces 5 2 3

Ink (fountain pen) 1 2

Ink (ball point) 4 7 2

Ink (felt tip) 5 2 6