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Wool is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. It is one of the few carpet fibers that is. When it comes to regeneration, sheep are unequivocally the best source for carpet fiber. Sheep live long comfortable lives producing wool as long as they live. There is less energy used to produce wool by a fractional amount compared to any other fiber. Properly cared for wool can and does perform without significant surface changes for many years. It is naturallyresilient, stain resistant, abrasion resistant, insulating, comfortable, and luxurious.



Halo art silk is the result of our commitment to solve the cleaning and performance weaknesses of the industry’s existing art silk. Our new generation of high luster type 6-6 nylon art silk is as soft to the touch as it is beautiful. This luxurious, but durable filament produces the perfect level of reflectance without the common imperfections found in similar art silk yarns. With Halo there are no dye ripples or spots, harsh shine, matting, or static build up, which are common when using viscose.



Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk you can purchase. It is made from silkworms that are raised in captivity under exacting conditions. The process was developed thousands of years ago in Asia and it has become the world’s center of fine silk. The Mulberry silk thread is nature’s strongest fiber making it incredibly durable. A silk fiber the same diameter as a fiber of steel is stronger than the steel. It is rounder, finer, smoother, lighter, and more uniform in color than silk found in the wild. Davis and Davis insists on Mulberry silk to be used in our custom rugs. You may specify areas of detail or the entire rug be made of silk.