New Zealand wool and Halo art silk

wool and art silk.jpg

Our Rug Designer collection is uniquely suited for using our our extremely popular wool and art silk combination. Shown above is our New Zealand wool pom in the color Neutra along with its Halo Art Silk companion in the same color. Our Halo yarn is designed to capture and reflect light the same way as natural silk. The interplay of the two luster levels creates a floor that is alive with elegance.

The 9 colors that you see on your Art Silk Pomset are in stock. You are free to use them without delays or added expense. These colors are: Snow White, Parchment, Ivory, Clearing, White Willow, Gold Crest, Neutra, Creamery, and Satin. If you need colors beyond the eight shown they simply become a custom color and are matched to the pom set color. We skein dye our high luster nylon and the result is an extremely lively mottled surface which looks and feels like natural silk.

In order to enjoy the full effect of the silky “shimmer” the art silk yarns must be seen from their side. To achieve this simply walk on the area rug to simulate normal use. As the art silk yarns are flattened out they randomly reflect the ambient light. Take time to view your rug from several feet away. Walk around your rug to determine which direction is optimum. You will sense the effect of a room full of the silky shimmer and it can be breathtaking! The more it is used the prettier it becomes.

This new system gives you access to the extremely desirable look of Tibetan wool and silk imports without the delivery delays and expense concerns, which are associated with these overseas products.