1. Design

    Lets begin with our hard bound catalog. Stick Post-it notes on your selected pages and open Rug Designer on your computer. This is style HTMA107. It has three colors. In Rug Designer you can type in the style number in the search bar. It is about mid-page on the left with the magnifying glass.


2. Method

In the upper right select your Method of construction: CYP, Handtuft, or Handknot.

At this point you should have your room colors in your hand such as fabric or paint colors. You have three components to change.

3. Color

Select one of the three color boxes at the upper right and The palette will appear. click on your new color and the rug will change. Same with the other two boxes. Notice that the small palette is the Pom Chain and the larger is the Pom Box. Chain colors are in stock. Pom Box colors are an upcharge.

4. Yarns

Choose from Wool or Halo art silk. You may also choose cut or loop finish.

5. Pile height

Choose high or low pile of each color. Try some ideas here. A small change can make a beautiful result!

6. Size and shape

Any size or shape is available. Large rugs are our specialty. Choose any size, shape or color. We specialize in extra large rugs! 30’x50’? No problem! We tuft at a 15’ width and create an invisible dovetail joint that we dare you to find. The length of the rug is seamless.

We look forward to helping you.

7. Quality

Residential quality is approx 3/8” in height. Heavy residential is 5/8”. Super Soft is 3/4” in height and very fluffy. Also very popular. Keep in mind you may increase the stitch rate to enhance detail clarity and performance for abnormally heavy traffic.


8. Price

Once you have checked all your boxes you now have pricing which is accessed by referring to your price list or by calling for help. We are presently have a tool which is available via password and pin number. This tool is available only to registered trade accounts. It is incredibly convenient. No rifling through files, no calls on hold, only the insurance of an instant accurate price quote. You can now work with budget decisions as you go.

htma107 rd page.jpg