Davis and Davis uses a very unique machine to create your custom rug. This machine is named CYP (computer yarn placement). Our custom rug collection is tufted using this method and has been for many years. The CYP machine company is owned housed and developed by Davis and Davis. It employs a unique method of digitally placing yarns one yarn to one pixel as it tufts through the primary backing. The CYP aesthetic is akin to handmade in that the surface tufts appear random, not machined. The delivery for these products is more aggressive than hand tufted and hand knotted. We offer two yarns (wool and Halo art silk) and five finishes in this method. Any design in the Davis design book can be made using the CYP tufting method.

cyp machine.jpg

CYP does one thing and does it well. It makes a designer into an artist. This is the most advanced carpet and rug tufting machine in the world. 20 years ago Davis and Davis created and patented the pneumatic hollow needle. We also created horizontal bedplate indexing. Which means that our backing moves sideways back and forth perpendicular to the roll. Along the way we invented and patented a method of using loop and cut pile in the CYP product. Also, stitch and gauge changes are managed with keystrokes, not wrenches. The CYP team is extremely aggressive in it’s continued refinement of software, cryogenic hardening, performance diagnostics, and electronics upgrades. All MADE IN THE USA.

i pixel.jpg

The art file has a one to one relationship with the needles. one pixel means one tuft through the backing. Move the pixel around, move the yarn around. This makes the design easy to understand. If the artist wants to see a red tuft the pixel becomes a red pixel. If the artist wants it to be loop the pixel becomes loop.


Each color becomes a yarn position on the machine. Each position can be cut pile or loop pile.

cut and loop pile.jpg

As you can see almost any image can be simplified and refined to create a one of a kind carpet pattern.

Because homes are so personal many of our customers insist on a tightly designed bespoke interior.

cyp needle.jpg

Each needle holds six yarn colors. As the backing is shifted under the needle each color is sent through at 1/16 of a second. This machine can electronically change: Stitch rate, gauge,and product width, art repeat, cut or loop pile, up to 6 colors, and natural or synthetic yarns.

needle path.jpg


The needles are hollow and spaced 2” apart. Each tufts a 2 inch path as the backing shifts back and forth and forward. Each needle tufts up to six colors. Each color can be tufted as cut or loop. The loop is light and the cut is dark. Tones of the same color yarn become design elements. Pile height ranges from 3/8” to 3/4”. Gauge and stitch rate are easily changed in the file without limitation. Design can be a full repeat up to 4.5 meters (15’) wide. The horizontal needle path which is unique to the CYP machine creates random hand tufted look. Popular abrash, and striated textures are easily attained.


There are six different finishes which can be used for varying effects. CYP tufts your carpet in up to six colors cut and loop.

pile hights.jpg
room 5.jpg